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World Class Hotels Love Using QR-Patrol

QR-Patrol System: Elevate your hotel standards

Hotels are indeed challenged daily to ensure they deliver the best experience for their guests as well as keeping their workforce safe and compliant.

Navigating the complexities for modern hospitality operations while having a comprehensive approach to compliance, cleaning and security practices.

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Regular patrols and fire walks, monitoring access points, and promptly addressing potential vulnerabilities are crucial components of security maintenance. QR Patrol empowers your team to conduct thorough fire equipment inspections meticulously adhering to every prescribed process, thus mitigating risks with unparalleled precision. Regular evaluations, updates, and adaptations to emerging threats are essential for a dynamic and resilient security maintenance program.

Integrated Security Maintenance

Precise Risk Mitigation

Proactive Security Adaptability


By leveraging QR code technology, QR-Patrol ensures that every checkpoint along the fire walk is not only monitored in real-time but also documented accurately through quick and precise scans. This capability provides an immediate overview of the status of fire safety measures, allowing for proactive response in case of anomalies or potential risks. The system's user-friendly interface facilitates easy navigation for security personnel, ensuring that fire walk management becomes a streamlined and foolproof process.

Real-Time Monitoring

Accurate Documentation

User-Friendly Interface


Maintenance and engineering departments often struggle with various challenges that undermine their operational efficiency. One prevalent issue revolves around the lack of a streamlined monitoring system for routine checks and inspections. Traditional methods rely heavily on manual logging, leading to inaccuracies, missed inspections, and an inability to track trends or identify recurring issues promptly. Moreover, the absence of comprehensive data analytics makes it challenging to preemptively identify areas needing attention or optimize resource allocation, leading to inefficiencies and unnecessary expenses.

However, QR-Patrol emerges as a transformative solution, effectively addressing these pressing concerns. By digitizing and automating all management processes, QR-Patrol eliminates the pitfalls of manual logging. Utilizing checkpoints and a user-friendly interface, it enables diligent tracking of inspections in real-time. This ensures that no area is overlooked, facilitating thorough and consistent monitoring. Additionally, QR-Patrol's proactive approach empowers maintenance teams to address potential issues before they escalate, significantly reducing downtime and enhancing guest satisfaction by ensuring a well-maintained environment at all times.


Much like reviews, customer feedback is one of the most valuable ways to learn from your guests and to adapt your business in the direction that will best be able to satisfy your customer needs now and in the future.

Customer feedback is often a useful way for you to know what improvements to your services you should focus on, and how to best understand your weakest spots.

Not only that, LyC enables you to know where your equipment might be compromised, broken or vulnerable so immediate action should take place. You can have full visibility on:

Damaged Furniture or Appliances

Noise-Related Guest Issues

Temperature Control Feedback

Wi-fi Connectivity Problems

Security Concerns


Just a few clicks away the most fascinating online hotel security management experience


In addressing these challenges, QR Patrol emerges as a transformative tool. Leveraging its user-friendly interface and QR code technology, QR Patrol streamlines the management of housekeeping operations and inspections. This innovative solution provides real-time tracking and reporting functionalities, significantly enhancing the efficiency of housekeeping personnel.

By seamlessly integrating these features, QR Patrol not only simplifies the complex task of maintaining housekeeping protocols but also contributes to the creation of a company-standard and reputable atmosphere for both guests and staff. The system's ability to offer quick and accurate reporting ensures that cleanliness measures are consistently upheld, fostering an environment that aligns with the highest standards of hospitality.



QR-Patrol is a real-time online guard tour system based on NFC, Beacon and QR-code tags use. The staff scans tags placed on locations and assets and the Monitoring Center gets informed in real-time about incidents and events. Any time a QR-code, NFC tag or Beacon is scanned, the information is sent to the QR-Patrol Web application via a cloud server and the staff takes immediate control on buildings and locations all over the world.


Real-time Tracking

Monitor security patrols and incidents in real-time for immediate response.

Incident Reporting

Swiftly report and document incidents, enhancing accuracy and timeliness.


Tailored reports to meet specific regulatory and industry requirements.

Cost-Effective Solution

Achieve significant improvements in security with zero infrastructure costs.

Transform your hotel management to meet industry best practices.

Implementing the QR-Patrol system in your hotel can be a game-changer in upgrading your overall management and security. This innovative system offers a comprehensive solution by seamlessly integrating into your existing operations. With QR-Patrol, you can streamline and enhance your security measures through real-time monitoring and reporting.

The system facilitates efficient management by automating routine tasks, ensuring timely responses to incidents, and providing detailed insights into staff performance. Moreover, QR-Patrol's user-friendly interface empowers your staff, making it easy to adapt and implement within your hotel management processes. By adopting QR-Patrol, your hotel is not only investing in cutting-edge technology but also embracing a powerful tool that will contribute significantly to the overall improvement of your hotel's security and management standards.

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Long gone is the era that everything was reported in pen and paper, as well as piles of files where stored for years with no actual use. Digitization of businesses is by far the norm of today and tomorrow, as life can become significantly easier both short and long term.

QR-Patrol offers this exact opportunity - the digital transformation of your hotel operations. Your employees will have access to their daily tasks and schedule directly on their smartphones, they will perform their rounds/patrols and report any incidents occurring, and they’ll be able to notify you of anything urgent that needs your attention.

Managers, on the other hand, can create of virtual “mirror” of their organizational chart with in QR-Patrol’s web app, create schedules, get notifications in real time, keep records of past patrols and incidents, and of course, export any type of report in the case of audit and evaluation procedures input

Sustainable digitization unavoidably brings ESG compliance, another milestone many companies try to achieve worldwide. QR-Patrol, apart from being a leader in the industry regarding ESG protocols internally, offers multiple advantages to leaders looking to make a positive change for their organizations.


QR-Patrol stands as a dedicated solution in the hospitality industry, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology to not only streamline security operations but also to elevate the standard of regulatory compliance. Its real-time tracking and incident reporting capabilities empower security managers to respond promptly and effectively to dynamic security threats, ensuring the utmost safety for both guests and staff.

One of the key strengths lies in QR-Patrol's adaptability, providing a tailored approach to regulatory adherence and industry protocols without compromising operational efficiency. This adaptability ensures that the system can be easily customized to meet the unique security requirements of each hotel. The scalability of QR-Patrol is particularly noteworthy, allowing for the consistent implementation of security protocols across diverse locations, ensuring a standardized and cohesive security approach within a hotel chain. 

As hotels navigate stringent compliance standards, QR-Patrol's multifunctional model proves to be indispensable, aligning seamlessly with the evolving needs of the industry.. In essence, QR-Patrol is a comprehensive and reliable choice for hotels prioritizing compliance and safety, offering a multifaceted approach that not only meets but exceeds industry expectations.




Real-time Monitoring

Monitor security patrols and incidents in real-time for immediate response.

Incident Reporting

Ability to report incidents or issues in real-time.


Setting up virtual boundaries to track patrols within specific areas.

Task Management

Assigning and managing tasks for security personnel.

Virtual Checkpoints

Configurable checkpoints based on specific needs

Alerts & Notifications

Immediate alerts for incidents or missed checkpoints.

Customized Reports

Access to historical patrol data and customizable reports

Proof of presence

Verification mechanisms to ensure guards are present at designated locations

GPS Tracking

Precise location tracking using Global Positioning System

Compliance Audits

Ensuring adherence to protocols and providing audit trails for compliance purposes

Panic Button

An emergency button on mobile devices for immediate response in critical situations

Multi-site Management

Managing security operations across multiple locations or facilities

API Integration

Seamless integration with access control systems for enhanced security

Multilanguage Support

Provide support for multiple languages to accommodate diverse user bases

2-way Communication

Enable communication between guards and control centers

Work Order

Manage and track work orders related to security tasks or maintenance


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